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01 Summer Fields

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02 Signal Call

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03 Smoke

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04 The Last Dance

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05 Freeze the Frame

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06 All I’m Thinking About Is You

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07 Afterlife

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08 The Beating of My Heart

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Flight Feathers的个人档案


n the Darkness of My Night, released on March 7th, 2011, is Babi Pal’s debut album released under the moniker of Flight Feathers. The album was written, performed, recorded and mixed entirely by Babi at his recording studio in Brooklyn. The driving force behind the music was a yearning for the simplicity of the old days, of all night 4-track recordings sessions and watching the sun rise – the resulting set of songs have simple cord progressions and sparse instrumentation.

Flight Feathers live performances features a five piece band, including Brady Sansone (Heavy Winged, Shy Town) and Jason Dunphy (Shy Town), Ryan Tully and Jonathan Wing.

Babi Pal grew up in New Jersey, got sucked into New York City for college, and hasn’t been able to escape ever since. He has been active in the music scene, playing in several bands, including The Flanks, Unbelievable Luck and Magdyn Osh, and regularly plays venues like Southpaw, Mercury Lounge and Pete’s Candy Store. He also runs a recording studio in Brooklyn – 5D Studios, where the Flight Feather’s album was recorded and mixed.

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