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01 It’s Gonna Rain All Day

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02 Hurricane Season

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03 Hollow Sounds

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04 Let Me In

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05 This Light

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06 On Monday

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07 Me And Denver

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08 Say Say Say

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09 The Last Day We Ever Close Our Eyes

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10 From This Oil Can

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Education and early bands

Andriano is a graduate of St. Edwards High School in Elgin. He enrolled in a psychology class and left after he answered a question asking where the word "lunatic" comes from. He returned to the college once only to "get [his] money", stating that the course was a waste of time because he already knew the material.

In 1993 he and several friends from the Elgin area formed the punk-ska fusion band Slapstick, with Andriano playing bass and contributing backing vocals. He would remain a member through the release of two full-length albums (Lookit! and a self-titled compilation) until the group's breakup in 1996. After the breakup he and two other ex-members of Slapstick formed the band Tuesday, which released a single EP titled Early Summer in 1997.
[edit] Alkaline Trio
Main article: Alkaline Trio

In late 1997 Andriano was asked by Matt Skiba to join the Alkaline Trio, replacing original bassist Rob Doran. His first release with the band was the 1998 EP For Your Lungs Only. The band has since released seven studio albums.
[edit] Side and solo projects

In 2002 Andriano released a split EP with former Smoking Popes and Alkaline trio drummer Mike Felumlee. In 2004 he joined The Falcon, a supergroup also including members of The Lawrence Arms. The group has released an EP, God Don't Make No Trash or Up Your Ass with Broken Glass (2004), and an album, Unicornography (2006). Andriano played bass guitar on Ben Weasel's 2007 album These Ones Are Bitter.

Andriano also performs as a solo act under the name "Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room".[1] His first solo album, Hurricane Season, is scheduled for release August 9, 2011 through Asian Man Records.
[edit] References

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