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01 Stones

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02 You Were Only A Song

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03 We Live In The Dark (Part 1)

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04 Every Dirty Hand

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05 Close My Eyes

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06 Your Tomorrow

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07 Starving Streets

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08 Yesterday’s Pain

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09 We Live In The Dark (Part 2)

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10 Before Your Lights Go Out

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Plain Jane Automobile (often referred to by fans as PJA) is an indie rock band based in Orlando, Florida, USA. They've existed as a band for the past seven or eight years, but reinvented themselves in 2005 with key new members, and have not changed the line-up since.[1] The band's current line-up consists of James "Duke" Crider (vocals), Luis Mejia (guitar), Paul McCorkell (bass), and James Dickens (drums).

Plain Jane Automobile began as a collaboration between Duke Crider and Luis Mejia. The pair's ability to write songs and drive their live shows led to their meeting Paul McCorkell and James Dickens .[2]

In 2008, Plain Jane Automobile released The Collector. They also toured extensively throughout the United States with fellow indie rock band Ours, winning many new fans. In 2009, they are planning another tour, as well as working on songs for a new album.

With the chemistry of the line-up solidified, everything fell into place. In 2005, the indie pop quartet won the 2005 DiscMakers Independent Showcase, hand-picked as the best of a series of bands by major A&R reps at Billboard magazine and TAXI (A&R).[3]

As of 2010 the band is working on the follow-up to The Collector. In March 2011, a series of promo videos for the new album, Your Tomorrow, were posted on Plain Jane Automobile's Facebook page. The first video was a 50 second clip of an unknown track on the new album, as well as the release date for the next album. The second video included a one minute clip of Please Leave Quietly, a song from the new album. A third video was posted recently that was similar in nature to the first two videos. Your Tomorrow is slated for release on May 10, 2011.[4]

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