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01 Beating Like a Drum高清MV

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02 One In a Million

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03 Whenever

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04 Love Can Save Us

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05 Say Goodbye

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06 Without You

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07 Could This Be

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08 Be Who We Are

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09 Hearts Are Jaded

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10 Our Love Is Lost

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Lovers Electric are an Australian/British band from Adelaide, Australia via London, U.K. Band members David Turley and Eden Boucher founded the group in 2006.

On December 4, 2006, they recorded the "Bedroom Recordings" in their mobile home studio, flitting between London and the North of England. Drummer Fuzz Townshend collaborated with them on the record. MTV used a number of their songs, including "Closer" in the hit TV series The Hills.[1]

At the beginning of 2007, they toured in the United States, playing residencies in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville. A local Nashville website wrote, "Lovers Electric deliver 80s influenced alternative dance pop."[2]

After touring the United States, they toured Europe from May–July 2007 as support for re-formed 80s band Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) playing to sold-out venues.

Within a week of this tour finishing they began recording in Sheffield UK with producer Eliot Kennedy and finished their debut album "Whatever You Want". They signed with Sony Australia in 2008 and released their debut album that August. They enjoyed top 10 club chart success with remix's from Sam La More & Luke Chable. Lots of touring abound and a special appearance on Rove, the popular Australian talk show, saw what was a great success for the band.

The band returned to the U.K & retreated to the English countryside to record their sophomore album at the 400 year old tudor barn studio 'Ridge Farm Studios' just south of London, with producer David Tickle. Together again with Fuzz Townshend and adding a couple of other trusty musicians in the mix (Mike Rowe & James Bryan), they recorded the history inspired album 'Impossible Dreams'.

The band currently reside in Berlin, where they are releasing 'Impossible Dreams' with Universal in August 2011.