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01 Number One

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02 Two Cousins

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03 If We’re Still Alive

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04 Never Look Back

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05 Where I’m Waking

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06 Hackney Marsh

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07 Beginners

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08 You, Earth Or Ash

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09 Gold Mountain

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10 The Dog

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Slow Club is a folk-rock duo from Sheffield, England. The band formed in 2006, after the break-up of Sheffield band The Lonely Hearts.


The band is made up of Charles Watson (vocals, guitar) and Rebecca Taylor (vocals, guitar, percussion). The band has supported other Sheffield contemporaries such as Tiny Dancers as well as Omaha based band and labelmates Tilly and the Wall, who share the band's alternative, folk orientated sound. The band is notable for their use of unusual objects as percussion instruments such as glass bottles and even a chair.

The band released two 7" singles in 2007, Slow Club and Me and You, both on Moshi Moshi records. On 1 September 2008 their first EP was released entitled Let's Fall Back in Love. A Christmas single titled Christmas TV was released in December 2008.

Their debut album, Yeah So, was recorded by Mike Timm at Axis Studio in Sheffield and was released in July 2009.

The band's second album, Paradise will be released on 12 September 2011. [1]
[edit] Use of songs in advertising and TV shows

Various songs by the band have been used in commercials: When I Go was used by Ritz Crackers in Canada in 2008, Thinking, Drinking, Sinking, Feeling was used in a USA Lay's Potato Chip commercial in February 2009 and Vodafone Australia's Make The Most Of Now, a 2009 advertising campaign, used Let's Fall Back In Love.

On 27 April 2009, Christmas TV was used in the season 2 finale of NBC's Chuck. The song When I Go was also used in Chuck Versus the Balcony episode of Season 4 on the 17 January 2011.

In 2010, their song "Apples and Pairs" was used by Macleans toothpaste in its sponsorship of the ITV1 show Dancing on Ice.

Their song "Apples and Pairs" was recently used at the end of "United States of Tara" episode Torando

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