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序号 歌曲

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01 In Paradisum (Gladiator)

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02 Moon RIver

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03 In The Bleak Midwinter

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04 Where Do We Go From Here(Ft.Hayley Westenra)

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05 Yo Te Voy A Amar (I'll Make Love To You)

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06 1492 - Conquest Of Paradise

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07 God Only Knows

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08 I Knew I Loved You

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09 Hallelujah

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10 Ashokan Farewell

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Henley Festival is an extraordinary and elegant mix of music, art, culture, dining and location – the most magical summer event in the UK. And on top of all that it’s the summer’s greatest party!  Come join us.

The week after the Regatta, the Festival will take place over five nights.  Audiences will be treated to the best in classical music, jazz, opera, comedy, dance, street theatre, rock and firework spectaculars like you’ve never experienced them before.

One ticket will give you access to up to six timetabled events each night (as well as the visual art galleries and ad hoc street theatre fun) and access to a choice of bars, eateries and a wide range of top quality catering concessions.

So imagine sitting in your evening wear, sipping champagne overlooking the water whilst watchng Blake.  You will be surrounded by banks of flowers, extraordinary sculptures, swirling lights and the sight of a hundred candle lit dinner parties taking place  on the river.

Thursday 7th July sees Blake headline an evening of Henley Festival at its best. With virtuoso violinist Tasmin Little and the brilliant Dutch musical comedian, Hans Liberg – ‘a touch of the Victor Borge’ – and an extra hint of spice.

For more information visit