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01 Tonight

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02 Your Eyes

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03 I Believe

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04 Blaming You

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05 Right Where I Want You 2

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06 Circles

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07 Drowning Out

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08 Untitled

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Success in the music industry is hard to come by for many, but for budding singer/songwriter Josh Sorhagen, it’s something he deservingly encountered at a young age. Just 19 years old, the college student and Alamance front man has already amassed an impressive resume, which includes sharing the stage with artists ranging from My Chemical Romance to The Jonas Brothers to Darryl “DMC” McDaniels; being sponsored by the USO and playing for the troops in Germany; and even doing an MTV show with Fall Out Boy.

With his latest brainchild, a new LP entitled “In The Moment,” Sorhagen builds on past accomplishments while bringing Alamance to new heights. Working alongside producer Rob Freeman (Hit The Lights, Armor For Sleep, Cobra Starship), the young musician devised eight fresh tracks that exhibit his natural talents, and capture honest emotion in the process. The record’s first single, “Your Eyes,” beautifully exhibits pop sensibilities with a rock edge, creating a sound that’s intriguing on first listen.

Though Alamance has already been making waves, Sorhagen is just getting started. Always writing songs, playing shows and progressing in the world of music, “In The Moment” is the latest—but certainly not the last—to be heard from this New Jersey outfit.