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01 Into the Light

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02 This Changes Everything

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03 Let Somebody In

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04 Saturday

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05 Einstein's Dream

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06 I Don't Mind At All

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In the late 1990s, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was a hotbed of original music. Bands such as Rusted Root, the Clarks, Brownie Mary and The Gathering Field packed clubs, toured nationally, and went on to receive major label recording contracts. Bill Deasy was the Gathering Field’s lead singer/songwriter and Rich Jacques played lead guitar and wrote songs for Brownie Mary.

Since leaving those bands, Deasy and Jacques have had varied and successful careers. Deasy released three full-length solo CDs, had songs recorded by other recording artists (including Martina McBride, Billy Ray Cyrus, the Clarks, One Flew South and Howard Jones,) wrote and performed a popular theme song for Good Morning America and published his first novel, Ransom Seaborn, which won the 2006 Needle Award.

Jacques moved to Los Angeles, logged some road time with Canadian singer songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk, worked with Ben Affleck on the music for Hollywoodland, released a solo record and had songs placed in the Vince Vaughn/Jennifer Anniston film “The Breakup,” ABC’s “Men in Trees,” the PBS Special “Carriers,” and MTV’s “Newport Harbour.”

Every now and then when Deasy was out in LA he’d give Jacques a call to say hello, or to frantically request some directional assistance. Occasionally, the friends would wax nostalgic about the good old days. It was during one such conversation that the light bulb went off, and they decided to try and write some songs together.

The chemistry Bill and Rich sensed the moment they first sat together holding guitars was undeniable. And as Bill’s trips out west continued, the songs they wrote began to feel like a true blue record. Thus was born the trans-era, time-traveling, hyper-groovy aerospace vehicle now known as Thomas Jefferson’s Aeroplane.

The duo’s debut release, "The Invisible Ocean," is a strong effort and features a stunning assortment of unforgettable, hooky songs. The two old friends have merged their styles into something bold and fresh and come up with a sound that is sure to please fans of each artist’s previous works as it attracts new ones.

So strap in, listen up, and prepare to ascend.

Thank you for flying TJA!