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01 Not Enough

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02 All Time Low

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03 White Lies

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04 Air Force

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05 Fireworks

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06 Touch & Go

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07 Hold On

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08 Anywhere

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09 Misery

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10 Don't Take What's Mine

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Clark was born and raised in Grand Island, New York, a suburb of Buffalo. Her first introduction to performing was at four years old through dancing. Growing up on the stage was a platform for what was to come. Clark is of Irish, English and Polish descent. Stacy taught herself guitar and her first "folk" performance was at a local open mic at Nietzsche's. Being only 15, Clark stood out in the Buffalo music scene and was often compared to the next Ani DiFranco. During that first open mic she met Buffalo folk legend and Righteous Babe Records artist Michael Meldrum. It was through him and his encouragement she learned more about working within the music industry as an independent musician. In high school, she enrolled in the internship program at Grand Island Senior High School (New York). After requesting to work in the record industry, she was placed at Atomic Gardens Recording Studio. Between working part-time at a record store and gaining experience through the internship, she saved enough to record her first studio music project.

In 1998, Clark was diagnosed with a rare blood platelet disorder called Idiopathic thrombonecytopenia. The normal blood platelet count ranges from 100,000 to 300,000. Under 30,000 your body is considered hemophiliac and bleeding internally. Clark received an emergency blood platelet transfusion among other treatments and later had her bone marrow tested to rule out cancer. Due to this bleeding/bruising disorder, she had to quit all activities and turned to music. Clark was forced to stay local for her freshman year of college to be near her hemotologist. She studied art and was captain of her the woman's soccer team at Buffalo State College.

In 1999, Clark studied a semester at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. Staring in June, She embarked on her first U.S. two month solo national tour playing coffesshops, Cornerstone Festival and bars that she booked herself. In 2002, Clark graduated from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh where she studied Art and enjoyed snowboarding. She was a featured guest on Plattsburgh State Television, a late night show hosted by Dave Annable. Clark hosted an open mic where students, including Owen Benjamin, performed.

Clark moved to Orange County, California in 2004 to pursue music. She worked with Loren Israel on development, Roger Love on vocals. Off a production deal Clark went into the studio with Ian Kirkpatrick and recorded her EP Unusual. Clark was a "featured artist" on MTV.

In 2007, Clark went back into the studio with Kirkpatrick to create Apples & Oranges. Without the help of a record label, she worked full-time to fund the album. Her songs off her EP "You Make It Worse" and "Unusual" were featured on MTV's hit series Engaged and Underaged. "Unusual" was played on CBS's show "Girlfriends". Clark released her full length Apples and Oranges on November 20 in Los Angeles at Tangier. The album features guest vocals from: Tom Higgenson, Tim Pagnotta and Aaron Marsh. During the summer, Clark appeared as a guest co-host on MTV's for the Portland, Oregon segment of The Big Ten. She has performed with artists such as: Tom Higgenson, Jack's Mannequin, Copeland, Phantom Planet, Paper Route, The Bird and the Bee, Tumbledown, Portugal the Man and The New Amsterdams.

In 2008, Clark's songs "Say What You Want", "Closer", "Empty Bottles" were played on MTV's hit series "The Hills". She sang back up vocals on Jack's Mannequin's album "The Glass Passenger" on the tracks "Crashin'" and "Spinning". Also her songs "Wont Let You" and "Hello Again" were featured on the ABC Family 'Samurai Girl' television series. Her music is played in Victoria's Secret, DKNY, Forever 21, Calvin Klein, Sephora, BCBG, Nordstroms stores among hotels, movie theaters and restaurants. In September, Clark signed a record deal with Shangri-La Music (The Pretenders, Monsters of Folk, Band of Skulls, The Duke Spirit).

During 2009, Clark worked with A&R David Field (Bjork, Radiohead, Band of Skulls) and recorded her album "Connect the Dots" with producer Matt Appleton (Panic At The Disco, The Veronica's, Foxxy Shazaam). Clark got released from Shangrila. The unreleased album is already garnishing placements among television and in commercials. Her song "Touch & Go" was used for the Canadian National Sprint Bell Palm Pre Commercial . "All Time Low" was played during on the CW's "One Tree Hill". Her songs "Matter of Time" was played on ABC's hit tv show Make It Or Break It.

Over the past few years, Clark has also donated and raised money for various charities including The Nature Conservancy, Habitat For Humanity, Children's Hospital of Orange County, PETA, Irvine Public Schools Foundation, and the ASPCA (in the process becoming the owner of a rescue dog), and has performed at variety of benefit concerts for The American Red Cross, Orangewood Children's Foundation, Inside the Outdoors, The American Cancer Society, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society and The Cystic Fibrosis Walk, to name a few.

In March 2010, Clark signed a deal with Vanguard Records  her album "Connect the Dots" is set for August 10, 2010 release date. "Empty Bottles", "Matter of Time" and "Strange" where played on MTV's The Buried Life. "Strange", "Matter Of Time", "Wont Let You" was played on Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty. "Recluse", "Wont Let You", "Say What You Want" and "Hello Again" where used on the CW Fly Girls tv show. Her single "Touch & Go' will be released in May via itunes along with a music video directed by 8112 Studios.