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01 Sugary bergerets

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02 Lighthouse alight, stars aligned

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03 Dreamy duskywings

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04 Mist and sea spray, mermaids singing far away

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05 The piers are ghosts

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06 Frost, sparkling

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07 Deer attacking hunter

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sleeping peonies is music about being lost. + + + + stories about hiding under duvets from the world, frost sparkling on the stairs and piers floating away into the sea. + + + + sleeping peonies is black shoegaze / post metal / ghost metal / ghostgaze / just music. it is really just music to listen to and want to float away, into the sky or sea, anything as long as it is black and utterly, utterly empty. + + + + + sleeping peonies is strictly diy. it is all bedroom recorded, sometimes in other people's bedrooms. + + + + 7 song CD 'rose curl, sea swirl' available now at + + + + upcoming split with Life in the Dark

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