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01 tara part2 :fear of the end

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02 devaloka

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03 human intellect

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04 a life as something transient

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05 tara part1 :the first realization

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06 decline together

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Lillies and Remains的精选专辑


Lillies and Remains的个人档案


2006 Band was formed in Kyoto with Kent as the core member.

2008 May Debut EP “Moralist S.S.” was released. Lillies were able to create the raw New Wave~Post Punk sound that Japanese people have not been able to till now, which has left a severe impact to core music listeners and music industry related people and has become the talk.

2008 Kent based his activities in Tokyo and Kazuya, a new member joins the band.Since then there has been a couple changes with the other members till the present band.

Their music is edgy with metallic-like guitars featuring fearless sounds.Front man Kent began writing songs at the age of 15. He sets all sorts of hooks in his music which are backed by his enormous knowledge of music and gives off an overwhelming presence which can change the atmosphere in an instant with his killer tunes.

After 1 year from releasing the debut EP, the long-awaited full album “Part Of Grace” was released in June 2009.The dark yet sharp (poignant) atmosphere of the EP put together with a glimpse of a higher level of genius pop sense has been evaluated firmly.

Supported the UK underground scene bands such as Selfish Cunt, Neils Children and Project Komakino for their Japan Tours.

With the stylish appearance and cool yet aggressive performance the band’s popularity is gradually growing.