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01 Stumblin'

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02 How Strong He is

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03 My God

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04 Riverline

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05 Always Wondering

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06 Write About Rain

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07 You Don't Have to Move that Mountain

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08 If You Ask Me to

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09 Mama Said Don't Go

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10 Movin' on Up (the Jeffersons)

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Cedars Gray的精选专辑


Cedars Gray的个人档案


Blood is thicker than water. And in the case of the new group Cedars Gray, apparently thick with rich harmonies and down home cooking soul.

Brothers Chris Authement and Brian Authement and sister Brandi Authement Walker team together as a group for the first time to bring an exciting new sound.

Chris, Brandi, and Brian were born and raised in South Louisiana and moved with their parents to Birmingham, Alabama 15 years ago. Music has always been a part of who they are, from their Cajun roots to their church lives - singing and playing music whenever they could. But they have always known their happiness and fulfillment would be entwined with the music in their soul.

Their first release, an inspirational self-titled CD on Creative Soul Records out of Nashville, TN, shows they know how to flex their creative muscle, blending soul, jazz, creole, contemporary, and inspirational music with lyrics straight out of the pages of their lives. 

With six original songs written by Chris, this first album introduces you to three individual, three different, and yet somehow three perfectly blended voices that tell a story you will want to hear over and over again.  

Featured artists at a 2009 showcase of talent at GMA Week in Nashville, Tennessee, Cedars Gray performed at BB King’s to a packed room and rave reviews. This talented trio may be new to the music scene, but they will be around for a long time to come. 

Their first single, a cover of Marc Broussard's "My God", has received steady and impressive radio play across the US moving into the top 10 of several national radio charts.

Determined to live a dream, Cedars Gray is a culmination of hard work, self-determination, talent, and most of all, God's blessing.