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01 We Both Know

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02 Turn It Up

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03 Hata Talk

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04 Welcome to the Majors!!

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05 Sign Language

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06 Westurn Union!! - Daz Dillinger, Dub Union

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07 Dont Like You Girl - Dub Union,

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08 Dippin Thru!!

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09 Eusi Umoja (Interlude)

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10 Struggle

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Dubb Union is a rap group featuring artists from Los Angeles and the nearby cities of InglewoodLong Beach, and Watts.

The original name of the group was Westurn Union, but was later changed to Dubb Union to avoid a lawsuit with banking company Western Union.

The members of Dubb Union include Soopafly (Priest Brooks), Damani (Damani Washington), and Bad Lucc (Terence Harden).

Their first major label appearance was on the song "Like This" from Snoop Dogg's 2006 album Tha Blue Carpet Treatment.

Their street album titled House Shoe Muzik, Vol. 1 will be hosted by DJ Crazy Toonesand is set to release in April 2008. The production was handled by Soopafly and features the single "All Night" as well as "Cali Grown". The official Westurn Union album will be released sometime in July through Doggystyle/Koch.

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