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01 Fly

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02 Backstabbaz

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03 Out My Mind

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04 What Happened to Yesterday

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05 Highs n Lows

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06 Superbad

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07 Gotta Find a Way

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08 Let em Know

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09 Handz High

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10 Soul Love

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Fast Crew (or fastCREW) were a New Zealand hip hop group consisting of four members - Dane Rumble (aka Kid Deft), Diablo Deville (Brad Devcich), Gemma Copas and DJ Alias (Josh Thorne).

Fast Crew have supported international artists such as Missy ElliottBusta RhymesThe Black Eyed PeasD12,Chingy, and DMX, and played at the Big Day Out tours. Their second album is now completed. The band played their last concert and "a mutual decision to split the band was decided" in late 2008.

Fast Crew was formed in Auckland, New Zealand in 1999, and after some experimentation, the group began playing live around Auckland. Their first singleMr Radio was released in 2002 and received high radio and television airplay.

In May 2003, Fast Crew released the single "I Got" which spent 23 weeks on the New Zealand Top 40 Singles Chart and achieved gold status. As a result of the success of "I Got", the group began to open for such international acts such as Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott on their New Zealand tours and were signed as the first act on new independent central Auckland based record label AKrite Records, who entered into a deal with Universal Music to distribute the group's singles and album Set the Record Straight. "I Got" finished the year at #17 on the New Zealand Top 40 Chart for 2004.

While "I Got" spent time on the charts, Fast Crew began working on their first album Set the Record Straight and released their second single of the album, "It's the Incredible", in November.

The album Set the Record Straight was released in December 2004 and achieved gold status within a week of its release and a peak position of #11. With the release of the album the group toured New Zealand to promote it. The album also reached the top 100 in Australia and continued to rise up the charts with the success of the latest single release in Australia, "Suburbia Streets". The band also performed to rave reviews at music festival 'Big Day Out' Auckland and East Coast cities of Australia.

Fast Crew's third single from Set the Record Straight, called "Suburbia Streets", was released in March 2005 and reached a height of #10 in NZ.

With continued success in New Zealand Fast Crew entered Australia with "I Got" reaching #22 on the ARIAnet singles chart in May 2005, following the rise and success of fellow New Zealand rapper Scribe. In August the same year, It's