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01 White Noise

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02 Enemy Ace

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03 Guilty (Come Drink With Me)

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04 King of Everything

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05 Bitter

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06 Hidden By Blue

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07 Behind The Mask

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08 A Day At The Office

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09 Kill For You

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10 Assassins

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Anarchy Club的个人档案


Anarchy Club is a hard rock/electronica duo from Boston, Massachusetts. The band consists of vocalist/guitaristKeith Smith, who is a former member of the band C60, and Adam von Buhler, who plays guitar (including all solos), bass, drums, and other instruments, and is a former member of the band Splashdown.

Friends Adam von Buhler and Keith Smith formed the band in the winter of 2004.

Their debut album was entitled The Way and Its Power. The song "Behind the Mask" appeared in the PlayStation 2game Guitar Hero as a bonus track. Smith was an employee of Harmonix Music Systems until 2010, and Buhler's former bandmate, Kasson Crooker, is its audio director.

"Collide" (from their 2007 release, A Single Drop of Red) is a bonus track for Guitar Hero II. Of the 24 bonus tracks in the game, GameSpy named "Collide" as one of the five best.

"Blood Doll" is an unlockable track from the MTV/Harmonix game Rock Band.

During Keith's time in C60, the band won 6 Boston music awards (5 of them in one year) and shared stages with bands such as KissRun DMCLinkin Park,Rage Against the Machine and others. Some of their songs were also featured in the TV shows Dawson's Creek and The Shield.

Meanwhile, Adam worked with the band Splashdown, and recorded an unreleased album with producer Glen Ballard. During his time signed to Capitol Records, he toured the country with Splashdown and had several songs in movies (Titan A.E. and others) and television shows (CharmedAngel and many more).