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01 Sugaree

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02 Ramble On Rose

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03 Tennessee Jed

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04 Black Peter

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05 Mission In The Rain

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06 It Must Have Been The Roses

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07 Loose Lucy

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08 New Speedway Boogie

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09 Brown-Eyed Women

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10 Loser

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Emory Joseph... 
He's a wonderfully strange and lusty man. When he talks about music and the recipes he covets, it's like he's in church.

Slow smoked brisket, smothered stuff from the southern parishes,

Sticky hot rib bones, flaky biscuits, fried chicken and fish,

Mole and tortillas, taters of all types. pie and cocktails.
lots of cocktails......

Gospel harmony, funky guitars, and even funkier drums..�.

Rain, trains and mules厖all manner of Rhythm and Blues.

Emory Joseph's debut album "LABOR & SPIRITS" is a 10 song marriage of black and white roots musics, served up by a mature artist who's obviously had a good time learning his craft -- with songs ranging from simple and lush ballads about unsung love and wandering children, to greasy Rhythm and Blues rooted romps celebrating everything from train sex, to the pure happiness only strong drink can offer.

LABOR & SPIRITS is a revelation. 
EMORY JOSEPH is a $*&@%#%#$@&%!