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01 Trophy Girls

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02 On Your Birthday

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03 Leave The Ground

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04 Queso, I Have An Idea

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05 Tell Me If I’m Wrong

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06 Spirit Fingers

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07 Wouldn’t Change A Thing

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After the equivalent of a college education on the road with hundreds of shows, well over a dozen independent tours, and a first-hand introduction to the businesses of song-writing, production, social media, branding, and merchandising (music), Goodnight Sunrise made their exodus to Los Angeles in 2010. Starting with a tour the week of some members’ high school graduation, the band’s first few years on the road undeniably refined their direction and focus, preparing them to write songs that are the product of the honesty and work ethic that were essential for taking the project outside of their home state of Montana. Already having sold well over 10,000 copies of their first release, Goodnight Sunrise has continued to independently release and produce new music. Goodnight Sunrise has licensed and had music placed on major networks such as MTV and VH1. The band's DIY work ethic has also garnered them indie spotlight features in Alternative Press and AMP Magazine. Amp Magazine says, "These guys are going places fast. Which is no surprise, this band is just as personable as they are talented, making it that much easier to fall in love with them."

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