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01 Stop Calling Me

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02 Jaded (Forget You)

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03 Untill I Leave

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04 That’s Whats Up (New Version)

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05 Forever (Chris Brown Cover)

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06 Make This Count (New Version)

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07 Love Affair

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To all of our fans, who are the greatest people in the world... Its been quite awhile since we put out a new album, or even song for that matter. Boys Will Be Boys has been through so much from the beginning and if you're still with us, we thank you more than words could ever express. We started out this band with the sole purpose to just make music and have fun. This attitude crafted a sound that was pop rock, dance, and just straight up fun to listen to. It was this sound that had us rise to become a break out band in 2009. Gaining over 1 million plays on Myspace, being named the #9 top unsigned band in the world via Pure-volume, and regularly selling out local clubs were just some of the accomplishments we saw from this style of music. With pressure from record labels in 2010, our sound changed and so did our sight on music. We stopped doing things for ourselves and stopped having fun with the music we made. We released music that at the time we thought was alright, and would get us signed, but turned out to not be the best stuff we could come out with. We took a step back to look at things recently and realized we need to just start having fun again. This time around during the writing process we went balls to the wall on our new music. Its not about being signed, or impressing someone anymore. Its about having fun and being able to love the music you make. We have gone back to our 2009 roots on this next record. This Sunday, on February 20th at 8 pm eastern time we will be releasing our new music for the public to hear and buy via iTunes. We wrote and recorded some of the most ridiculous songs to date. Starting out the CD will be "The Real Thing," which is to date our most club sounding song with elements of dub step built into it. After that song will be "This Feeling," which combines elements of acoustic guitar and synth lines into the most catchy chorus we have ever written. Third on the album will be a dance remix of our most popular and downloaded song, "Thats Whats Up" by our good friend Ross Lara. Ending the CD at the number four spot will be an exclusive acoustic home recording we did in my basement on an 8-track. Make sure you come back: 2.20.11 - 8pm EST -Mark

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