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01 Silver Among the Gold

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02 Miniature Birds (Album)

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03 Topsy's Revenge

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04 Witchy Park/Tomorrow Will (Take Care of Itself)

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05 Oslo Novelist

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06 Lazy Bones

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07 Siren Echo Valley (Part 1)

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08 Left for All the Strays

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09 Dig That Crazy Grave

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10 Siren Echo Valley (Part 2)

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Grand Archives is an American indie rock band that formed in Seattle. They were originally calledArchives[1] and are led by principal songwriter Mat Brooke, formerly of Carissa's Wierd and Band of Horses.

Following his departure from Band of Horses in 2006, Mat Brooke (vocals and guitar) formed a new band with Jeff Montano (bass and vocals) and Curtis Hall (drums and vocals). Ron Lewis (keyboards, guitar and vocals) was added to the lineup later in the year, and Thomas Wright (guitar and vocals) joined in early 2007.

The band emerged, under their original name, in March 2007 by posting two tracks to their MySpace page. After a show with Brooke's formerCarissa's Wierd bandmate Sera Cahoone they had their track "Sleepdriving" added to Pitchfork Media's Forkcast playlist, which provided them with substantial internet exposure.

Once the band switched to their current name, Pitchfork published a more in-depth feature on the band, which discussed all four demos from their MySpace page. Soon afterwards they supported Modest Mouse on seven west-coast tour dates and subsequently signed to Sub Pop for a full-length album.

The band released The Grand Archives in February 2008 and toured the U.S. and Europe in support of it. In April 2008 the band played "Torn Blue Foam Couch" on Late Night with Craig Ferguson. Ron Lewis left the band in November 2008 to tour with The Shins and rejoin The Fruit Bats.

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