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01 Counting Back to 1

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02 Robots In Love

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03 Super Conducter

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04 So Long to U

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05 Servo Manual Chapter 1 (Mandroids on Whiskey)

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Follow ..BSM.. on:.. ........ .. Join ..BSM.. on:.. ........ .. Watch ..BSM.. on:.. ........ .. ..Welcome to Beautiful Small Machines... .. Beautiful Small Machines may be synthetic, but they’re not stupid. Caught somewhere between the 70’s, 80’s and deep space, this electro-pop duo (..Bree Sharp.., ..Don DiLego..) learned about comedy from adult swim and heartache from Philip K. Dick and they’re spewing it all back out at you like a bunch of mandroids on whiskey and psycho-pharmaceuticals. Fun, Sad, Creepy and Clever – Beautiful Small Machines is the retro-future. .... .. .. The ..Robots in Love EP.. is now available!.. Just click on this here button and away you go: .... .. .. .. .. ......"Robots" EP Order Options.......... ..CD for Delivery in U.S. $7.50 ..CD for International Delivery $9.50 .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. BSM's "Robots In Love" EP is available on.. iTunes..!