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01 Clean Coloured Wire

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02 Sometimes I Realise

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03 International Dirge

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04 Helped By Science?

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05 Brighter As We Fall

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06 Hang Your Head

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07 Crawl From The Wreckage

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08 Three Fact Fader

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09 Song For Andy

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10 Emergency Room

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" a 21st century Nick Drake"

CLASH Magazine

'This is an album damp with tears, slightly shaken by angst and should be given to most UK bands around at the moment to use as an example in making an album that is a joy to behold.' 8/10

High Voltage

Masters of their trade, Engineers are out to spread their music, and it’s of such quality, we should all be taking notice.


4 Stars

For booking enquiries please contact Ian Abraham : For press enquiries please contact Nathaniel Cramp: or for regional press Carl Delahunty: