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01 Promisses

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02 Sanctus Ignis

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03 Immigrant Song

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04 Next Profundis

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05 Introitus / Solvet Saeclum In Fadilla

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06 Chosen

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07 From My Sleep... To Someone Else

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08 Underworld

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09 Mirror Stage

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10 Niflheim

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Adagio is a French symphonic progressive metal band created in 2000 by Stephan Forté, the band's guitarist. The band has so far released four studio albums and one live album.

dagio's music is characterized by technical precision, dark, dense orchestration, complex lead work, and a driving rhythm section. However, on the group's third studio album, Dominate, they added death grunts to their sound. The band does not classify themselves purely as a metal band, considering their varying musical influences as possible.

Archangels in Black was the bands fourth album. According to the band's website, the "compositions are the ultimate between melodic and extreme metal, and can be considered as a more brutal version of Underworld, the second album.

In February 2010, the band parted ways with Christian Palin.They subsequently recruited Swedish vocalist Mats Levén, formerly of Therion and Yngwie Malmsteen, for their European tour in support of Kamelot, due to start on March 25, 2010 in Belgium.

Adagio's fifth studio album is planned to be released in 2011, with a tour to follow. Guitarist Stephan Forte plans to release his solo album "The Shadows Compendium" the same year.

With the help of Patrick Roy, French deputee working in the National Assembly of France, members of Adagio has collaborated with French music directorJean-Claude Casadesus from the Lille National Orchestra. The musical idea behind this collaboration between Adagio and the Lille National Orchestra is to record an album together, perform a live show, and record and release a subsequent live album. The project is planned for a 2013 release.