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01 Drive

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02 Big Kids

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03 White T-Shirt

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04 He's Not Him

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05 That Ghost

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06 Home Is You

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07 Just a Name

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Megan and Liz Mace are fraternal twin sisters with amazing talent! Starting out on Youtube, they have now captured fans all over the world with 90,000 subscribers. They are from Michigan and are influenced by various artists such as Aly and Aj, Taylor Swift, Savannah Outen, and Miley Cyrus. Currently 16, they are still unsigned but are hoping to make improvement on that this coming summer. Megan has been playing the guitar for three years, and Liz focuses on the lyrics but both of their vocals are outstanding. Making improvement on their continued success, Megan and Liz have recently released their first single "6th Sense" on Itunes. In 2009, Megan and Liz entered the Oxford Film Festival Contest and won the chance to be the opening act for recording artist Savannah Outen on July 26 in West Chester, Ohio. They have also reached 1 million hits on their video "The Climb," a Miley Cyrus cover, as well as getting nearly 50,000 subscribers and number 90 most subscribed musical performers, more than a few recording artists even. Megan and Liz have started recording some of their well known songs such as "Indescribable" and "Maybe Possibly." In order to connect with fans, they frequently have live chats on Justin.TV, and answer questions that their fans may have. While not much is known yet about these up and coming stars, it is evident that they will be very successful in their careers as singers. Megan and Liz are both on their high school cheerleading squad and also enjoy playing tennis. Megan's favorite subject is Math and Liz's favorite subject is English. They will be starting their Junior year of high school this coming school year, and are possibly joining their school choir. Visit the rest of the siteto learn more about this amazing duo.

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