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01 Love Me To The End

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02 Lonely

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03 Down Down Down

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04 Mindmachine

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05 Nobody’s Wounded

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06 Mirror Men

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07 Walk To The Moon

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08 Wasted Years

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09 2Nd Sun

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10 Don’t Wake Me Up

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Deine Lakaien is a German Darkwave group composed of Macedonian vocalist Alexander Veljanov and the classically trained composer, pianist and drummer Ernst Horn.

The band started in 1985 with an advertisement in the classifieds of a magazine ("Vocalist wanted who enjoys experimenting") posted by Ernst Horn. Most of the band's recordings have been released on Chrom Records although a few recent albums were released by Sony and EMI. The band's sales exceed 500,000 units.

Ernst Horn studied classical music in Freiburg and Hamburg and was working in Munich as conductor and pianist while Alexander Veljanov was attending a film and theatre class.

The name Deine Lakaien (which translates to "Your Lackeys") came from a song byEinstürzende Neubauten ("Die Genaue Zeit").

Alexander Veljanov has also released three solo albums, as well as released one album with his rock band Run Run Vanguard, and Ernst Horn has founded two bands which play medieval music, Qntal and Helium Vola although he is no longer a part of Qntal. He also composes music for theatre productions and radio plays.

Their 2005 album, "April Skies", came to life through the co-operation with the musicians of the "White Lies" tour: B. Deutung (cello), Ivee Leon (violin, vocals), Sharifa (violin, vocals) and Robert Wilcocks (guitars, keyboards).

The latest album, "Indicator", was released on 17 September 2010.