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01 Clear To Some

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02 Speaker Box

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03 Turn Me On

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04 You'll Lose It

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05 Recover

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06 Interlude

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07 Where?

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08 Promises Promises

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10 Black Lions

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Bromheads are a two-piece English garage rock band originating from SheffieldEngland

Bromheads (Originally Bromheads Jacket) was formed in Sheffield in 2005, from the ashes of a band called Fixated. Although often compared to other Sheffield bands who found fame around the same time, such as Arctic Monkeys and Milburn, the band has a somewhat heavier style. Their style also differs due to singer Tim Hampton's southern England accent (he was raised in YateleyHampshire).

The band has so far released five singles: "Woolley Bridge", "What Ifs + Maybes", "Trip to the Golden Arches"', "Lesley Parlafitt" and "Speaker Box". All were released on the Marquis Chacha record label. They have undertaken several tours of the UK as well as played across Europe, including Spain at the Summercase Festival, AustriaGermany and the Netherlands. In 2005 they undertook a nationwide tour with Club NME, and played at South By Southwest inAustin, Texas.

Their first album, Dits from the Commuter Belt, was released on 13 November 2006, and was followed by a tour of over 30 gigs around the UK supported by the Middlesbrough group The Oxfam Glamour Models.

In 2006 the band recorded a cover of The Streets' single "When You Wasn't Famous", which was released on the b-side of the song's 7" (with Skinner reportedly being a big fan of Bromheads, in particular of Hampton's lyrical style and ability). The single reached number 8 in the UK charts.

Their song "Fight Music for the Fight" was featured in the video game Burnout Dominator its successor Burnout Paradise on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Their second album, On The Brain, was released on September 22, 2008.

They have also played at the London Calling festival in Amsterdam.

In September 2009 the band released the singl