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01 Desert Diamonds / Enraptured With Lust

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02 Canção do Trabalho D.C.

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03 Old Rock 'N' Roll Radio

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04 Sopa de Cavalo Cansado

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05 Rak Song

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06 Manobras de Maio 06

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07 Cuba 1970

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08 Lusitânia Playboys

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09 Like a Drug

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10 Estendal Na Afurada

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Dead Combo is a Portuguese musical band formed in 2002–3 following their contribution in a tribute album to the late Portuguese guitar player Carlos Paredes. The album was calledMovimentos Perpétuos and Dead Combo played a song called "Paredes Ambience". The band was officially created soon after.

Their debut album Vol. I was released in 2004. Their music mixes fado with spaghetti western-inspired music (especially the compositions of Ennio Morricone), jazz, alternative and world music. Both their albums (the second being Vol. II - Quando a alma não é pequena, were released in early 2006 through their own newly-founded publishing company Dead & Company in partnership with Universal Records Portugal). These albums are very "visual", having strong musical allusions to the underground and inspiring Lisbon of past times, the aesthetic worlds of design, art, and most of all cinema.

Two of their videos highly illustrate this visual music style: Vol. I's single "Cacto" and Vol. II's "Quando a alma não é pequena #1".

Their latest album was published in partnership with Universal Portugal due to Dead Combo's long-time ambition of making their music known abroad. At the time they'd already been interviewed by the website Indie Eye and Charlie Gillett chose Vol. I as one of the best albums in 2004 and as his Album of the Month in December 2005. He also included a track from Vol. I, "Rumbero", in his compilation Sound of The World - 2005.

Pedro V. Gonçalves produced and played on Mazgani's 2010 album, Song of Distance, and Tó Trips designed the cover with photography by Rita Carmo.

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