Luke Aaron Clarke - Paper Tongue(EP)

Paper Tongue(EP)
Luke Aaron Clarke
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Paper Tongue

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UK singer songwriter Luke Aaron Clarke recorded Paper Tongue in Nashville, USA, the EP has five wonderful well crafted tunes with a top end production sound and boasts to have world renowned session musicians playing on the CD that includes John Catchings on cello (Yo La Tango, K T Tunstall) Daniel Bernard Roumain on violin (Lady Gaga), Ken Lewis on drums (Ben Folds, The Temptations) and Brent Milligan on double bass.

The first track on the EP is called Oh Isn’t Life Pretty, this is a soft gentle folk tune with some simple melodies and Luke’s vocals fill the sound with an easy listing and uplifting feel to it, excellent tune. Track two Just Ok has the full orchestral feel that you would hear Sir Paul McCartney would produce, very in depth lyrics and I love the piano that just sits on the melody behind the vocals, outstanding talent and quality song, you will not hear many artists produce such a sound like this today on the upcoming scene.

The third track is called You, the song is slow and has flowing rhythm almost like a waltz with a folk sound, Luke sings the song with lots of passion, it can be heard in his voice as it has perfect balance and dynamics.

Peace In Our Lives is track number four, the song has a nice mix of styles of playing, although if you stripped out the music it would be a Folk song but with the addition of each instrument they add so many different angles to the tune, from blues roots to hints of rock music.

Final song on the EP is called Paper Story, the tone coming from this song is uplifted by the fantastic use of backing vocals and the mix of harmonica with violins sound great together, everything works so well on this track even the subtle tone in Luke’s voice adds some energy to the song.

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01 Oh Isn’t Life Pretty

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02 Just Ok

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03 You

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04 Peace In Our Lives

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05 Paper Story

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